Harmonizing your space.

What means to have harmony in your place?

It mean to have Spacers there. You often feel and comment: "I love it here!"


A real feeling of “home sweet home”. You rest, you feel secure, loved, like to stay with your mom when you was a baby!

Houses•   Appartments  •   Villas  •   Playgrounds  


You create, focus, analyze, have productive meetings, solve problems, all without effort neither stress. Time pass fly and you feel like home!

Offices   •   Companies   •   Workshop  •   WareHouse   • Industrial Building


Your clients & customers adore to go to your place or store. They feel very well there and they say to their friends. They come back again and again.

Restaurants   •   Spa  •   Clubs  •   Gyms   • Hotels   •   Stores   •   Coffes   •   BookStores   •   Clinics


Do you experience strong or subtle discomfort when you use your electric car? Have you become sick more than before you had that car?

This type of vehicle generates an electro-stress field as strong as a 300 square meter house.

But harmonized with spacers, it is a paradise.


So, "When" you need the spacers in your place?

When you don't often smile and comment: "I adore to be here*


  1. When you do not feel comfortable in some part of your place.
  2. When you do not rest well.
  3. When you do not feel wellness, security, warmess, freshness, comfort.
  1. When no one comes into your store.
  2. When you want more people to come into your store.
  3. When you want people who buy your products to come back again and again.
  4. When you want your customers to tell their friends how nice it is to be in your store.
  5. When you want to have special rooms – or a whole place – where different activities are favored: creativity, analysis, meditation, chill, sport activity, pleasure.
  6. When to the members of your team is hard to work, focus, create, solve, analyze, etc.
  7. When you still are not able to say “I adore to be here!”


  1. When you don’t feel totally comfortable.
  2. When you get out of the car more tired than when you got in (compared to a normal car).
  3. When you sleep badly or get sicker since you bought it.

Do you want any of these results for you?

Call us or write

Tell us: (In Spanish, English, Ukraine or Russian)

  1. Where is your place? (google maps)
  2. How many square meters do you want to harmonize? (or the model of your electric car)
  3. Do you want any special quality or just harmonization? Or tell us, what do you want to feel?
  4. We will send you our budget.
  5. You will deposit us the 50%.
  6. We will go to your place and harmonize.
  7. Now you can enjoy.
  • Warranty: If for any reason, you don’t like the result, you return us the spacers and we return us your money.
  • We are located in Tenerife, Spain, but we also travel with extra expenses and prices.
  • If you’re in Tenerife, you can try the spacers in your electric car free of charge for 2 weeks.
  • Send us a photo, and we will tell you the location of one of the discomfort present there, so you can check for yourself and make your decision easier.
  • Find more information in the rest of this webpage below.
  • Spacer is a spinoff of Cognoscible SL.

They are NOT random alterations

When too many is too much.

Now you see how apparantly random alterations are really due to electrosmog and geophatic stress.

The electrosmog is the pollution caused by too many electromagnetic things near certain places in the house as: wifi routers; tv; microwaves; antennas; electricity panels; etc.

The geophatic stress is caused by the presence of geopathic lines, points and planes as Hartmann, Curry, and Lie.

When the human body comes into contact with them, it reacts in various ways. In certain points, its manifestation is negative for the people, and they ALWAYS react badly.

People lose when they are in them

"Forbidden to build on the Dragon veins."*

For example:

  • Feeling of discomfort.
  • Headaches.
  • Sleeping poorly and not resting at night.
  • To get sick.
  • Develop of chronic pain and ailments.
  • Cancer.
  • etc.


For non humans,… cats love those areas, ants and bugs another one,…


*(Ancient Feng-Shui Masters)

Good design is not enough

"what is essential is invisible to the eye"

That is why it is not enough that the place we are in is beautiful and well designed, or well decorated. To produce well-being, it must also be free of geopathies.

If you have uncorrected geopathic zones, this place will never be a place where users love to be. There will never be harmony. They will always end up getting sick and abandoning it, or simply their instinct will make them avoid it with one or another excuse to not return.

(You don't want to sleep here. You must to harmonize first)

Plants grow where they did not before

Teacher headaches dissapear. childs illnesss diminish

Water harmonized for 13,000 wellness center

Harmonize your Space

Get a real feeling of "home sweet home"

Fortunately, now is possible to neutralize all this problems with the use of the spacers.


  • No plants grow in a second floor house. We discovers lines (a lot!), harmonize, and plants start to growth where they did not before.
  • After harmonizing one school room, we discover 2 lines and harmonizing. The teacher headaches dissapear and the three years childs illness diminish (in comparison with the rest of the school).
  • As part of the harmonizing job of a 13,000 wellness center, a strategic 2 point was suffice to harmonize the water for all the center.

Find the points

Neutralize all negative points. Improve all the good points.

A spacer is a device to harmonize an space by canceling the points of electrostress.

Every space: a house; a garden; an office; a room; may need as many spacers as there are electrostress points.

Catch them all!

now you are protected

Now it is possible to detect these points personally without danger to the user thanks to the world’s first pendulum with built-in spacer technology.

Before reliable protection again the field was needed. But now the protection is contained in the pendulum, so you can detect these lines and points by yourself without danger to incorporate this field in your body.

Get the PRO

Be able to design the qualities of each space. Get more than the "home sweet home".

In the advanced option of the Spacers, it is also possible to modulate the sensation of the space according to the intended use: relaxation, meditation, concentration, productivity, pleasure, creativity, etc.


$199 $129


$299 $159


$139 $79


$189 $119


$159 $119


$149 $119


Available on July 2023

Spacers are patent pending.


For personal consumption we are waiting for our ceramic manufacture. Only handmade prototypes are available. If you need it now, you can buy and we will send you the final product when it is ready at no additional cost.


Its ready:

  • Harmonization service of electric cars and spaces: houses and companies.
  • Spacers for constructions (any house, building or environment).
  • Training in the Spacers Science and detection (you will able to detect and neutralize the electroestress by yourself)

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